Thursday, November 8, 2007

Remade television programs: Is it good or not?

battlestar old

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In this generation, most of the classic films and television shows are remade to pay tribute to those shows. Shows like Battlestar Galactica, Bionic woman, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, and other television shows have the same theme from the remade shows but some would add difference from the original programs.

Some television shows Ugly Betty are remade from the Colombian soap, Yo soy Betty, La Fea or I am Betty, the ugly one. Zaido, an Asian television show, was supposed to be a remake of Space Sheriff Shaider. But Toei rejected their script because of copyright issues, which triggered them to create a spin-off which Toei approved.

Television series which were remade in the movies like Charlie' Angels, Dukes of Hazzards, Miami vice, and Bewitched. Mission Impossible is a sequel of the television series with the same name, because the protagonist of the story is Ethan Hunt.

But the question is, are remade television films better than the original?

Monday, November 5, 2007

What type of horror do you like?

Ghost face

Horror movies are one of the best types of movies because horror movies may be either creepy or gory. But the question is, what type of horror movie do you like more?

Asian horrors like Ringu, Ju-on, Shutter, One missed call, and more are classified under the creepy movies category. Creepy movies are one of the types of horror movies that includes ghosts, spirits, or demonic figures that are used to scare other characters in the movie.

Slasher films are the types of horror films that shows gory and bloody scenes in the film. The term slasher comes from a term where a psychopathic killer (which is really called a slasher, some would represent them wearing a mask) that stalks around a certain place and kill each and every person he sees in a certain scene. Notable slasher films are Psycho, Nightmare on Elm street, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong turn, Scream, Hatchet, and many more.

Exploitation films shows gore, violence, sex, nudity, mayhem, vengeance, and rebellion. In that kind of film, forbidden sex scenes, bloody murders, cannibalism, nudity, and gross actions are done. Cannibal Holocaust is an example of an exploitation film because scenes from that movie include sex, rape, murder, butchery, and cannibalism.

Thriller films are made to surprise the viewer through the use of action and suspense. Majority of these movies include twisted storylines. Saw series is one example of a Horror thriller film.

What type of comedy do you want?

In the television industry, different types of comedy has been introduced. From the slapstick performances of the comedians, to comedy sketches. Comedy types like slapstick, gross-out, screwball, romantic, parody, and anarchic comedy.

Slapstick is one of the famous comedy type which were the characters involved used different physical acts like hitting other character with something, or anything that uses physical contact. This were used by the legendary comedians like The Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, and Charlie Chaplin. It became one of the greatest comedy acts but it is not that advisable to let minor individuals to watch these films because minors are fond of imitating the things that they can see.

Anarchic comedy is another famous comedy type that involves gag, jokes, and other comedy sketches . Watching this type of shows are good, and of course, funny. Shows like Ace Ventura, Wayne's world, and other Anarchic comedy movies uses this type.

Parody shows are also famous because some would use this to mock other film/presentation and could produce funny scenes by exaggerating other actions done in the show. Notable shows that use this type are MADtv, Blue Collar TV, The Cheppelle show, All that, and more.

Gross-out comedy skits are the types of comedy that uses toilet humor, which may produce disgusting actions (or should I say, gross). MADtv used some in their other episodes, but films like the National Lampoon series, American Pie, and Wedding Crashers uses this type.

Romantic comedy is one of the most famous type of comedy wherein lovers are involved in this show. Examples of romantic comedy shows were Hitch, My Sassy Girl, Monster in law, and many more.

Screwball comedy is one of the misunderstood type of comedy. In this type of comedy, characters involved used farcical situations, class issues, battle of the sexes, remarriage of the divorced couples, mistaken identities, cross-dressing, and many more. Shows like NewsRadio, Gilmore Girls, and other shows related to this type of comedy uses this.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Upstairs, Downstairs

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Upstairs, Downstairs is one of the classical television shows that was based on the real-life events in early 20th century, which was in between the years 1903 to 1930. The television show started from October 10, 1971 to December 21, 1975.

In this comedy tv series, it focuses on the lives of the residents in the London townhouse that resides in 165 Eaton Place. One of the residents is Richard Bellamy, the head of the household and a member of the Parliament. Richard's wife is one of the important people who have been entitled for aristocracy. On the other hand, the butler Hudson guides his co-workers regarding their job and the proper place to do their tasks.

Upstairs, Downstairs also focuses on the events that really happened to the Bellamy Household in 1903 to 1930.

Check the other discussion regarding the Upstairs Downstairs TV show here.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

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Friday, September 21, 2007

That Girl TV Series

That Girl TV series stars Marlo Thomas as Ann marie, an aspiring actress who lives in New York city. She lives with her boyfriend and her dad, Lou. She has a time with her boyfriend and father in between her acting and modeling career.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

WKRP in Cincinnati

WKRP in Cincinnati

WKRP in Cincinnati was aired from September 18, 1978 to September 20, 1982 on CBS. The story of the TV series is about the failing radio station in Cincinnati ran by Arthur Carlson AKA Big Guy, who is also the son of the station's owner. His lack of skills outweighed by his employees in the station. His weird staff consist of two disc jockeys: Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap, his news director, Les Nessman, and advertising sales manager, Herb Tarlek. On the other hand, saner employees Bailey Quarters, Jennifer Marlowe, Andy Travis, and Carlson helps him build success on his radio station.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My so-called life

My so-called life TV series ran from August 25, 1994 – January 26, 1995 on ABC channel. Starring Claire Danes as Angela Chase, a 15-year-old student at Liberty High. The story of the series is about Angela's trials and situations dealt by a normal teenager with her friends, boys, parents, and school.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Batman 1960s : Another classical action TV show

Batman 1960s TV show
The Batman is one of the most famous action TV shows in the 1960s. Starring Adam West as Bruce Wayne, a millionaire from Gotham city, who becomes Batman at night to fight the evil forces with his sidekick Dick Grayson also known as Robin. Batman has to deal with several arch-enemies including The Joker, Penguin, The Riddler, Egghead, and many more.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Untouchables information

The Untouchables started in 1959 in ABC network. It is based from the book made by Eliot Ness and Oscar Fraley. The story revolves around Chicago in 1930s, the time of prohibition. By that time, organized crime became popular. One of the most popular leaders was Al Capone. Capone is known for his crime, game of sex, and corruption. Special agent Eliot Ness and his team are doing their best to defeat the alcohol Mafia, but you don't have friends in order to accomplish this job.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

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