Monday, November 5, 2007

What type of comedy do you want?

In the television industry, different types of comedy has been introduced. From the slapstick performances of the comedians, to comedy sketches. Comedy types like slapstick, gross-out, screwball, romantic, parody, and anarchic comedy.

Slapstick is one of the famous comedy type which were the characters involved used different physical acts like hitting other character with something, or anything that uses physical contact. This were used by the legendary comedians like The Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, and Charlie Chaplin. It became one of the greatest comedy acts but it is not that advisable to let minor individuals to watch these films because minors are fond of imitating the things that they can see.

Anarchic comedy is another famous comedy type that involves gag, jokes, and other comedy sketches . Watching this type of shows are good, and of course, funny. Shows like Ace Ventura, Wayne's world, and other Anarchic comedy movies uses this type.

Parody shows are also famous because some would use this to mock other film/presentation and could produce funny scenes by exaggerating other actions done in the show. Notable shows that use this type are MADtv, Blue Collar TV, The Cheppelle show, All that, and more.

Gross-out comedy skits are the types of comedy that uses toilet humor, which may produce disgusting actions (or should I say, gross). MADtv used some in their other episodes, but films like the National Lampoon series, American Pie, and Wedding Crashers uses this type.

Romantic comedy is one of the most famous type of comedy wherein lovers are involved in this show. Examples of romantic comedy shows were Hitch, My Sassy Girl, Monster in law, and many more.

Screwball comedy is one of the misunderstood type of comedy. In this type of comedy, characters involved used farcical situations, class issues, battle of the sexes, remarriage of the divorced couples, mistaken identities, cross-dressing, and many more. Shows like NewsRadio, Gilmore Girls, and other shows related to this type of comedy uses this.


briche said...

wow great list. i much like comedy but romantic.. like in normal thing in real life..

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Good comparison of different types of comedy. Different kinds of it gives different marks on every viewers' heart

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Nice info about comedy! i was enlightened.

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